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When it comes to professional web design, customers want a reliable partner. The development of the websiteis done quickly and competently. There are many ways to implement a website. This is done using various content management systems such as. WordPress Magento or Joomla. Depending on your business model, it may also be that a closed system like WIX or Shopify makes more sense for implementation. You can find a blog post about Shopify & Co here: Shopify & Co.

Planning and conception come first. After your target audience has been worked out, a structure for your website will be developed.

In the second step, the web design process begins. All important requirements for a modern website are taken into account.

Mobile-first web design from Salzburg:

By using the latest technologies, a fast loading time is guaranteed. The decisive factor is a clear homepage where the most important information is presented in an appealing way for your customers.

Customized solutions

In addition to simple websites, it is also possible to develop more sophisticated solutions tailored to your target group. Whether niche landing page or online shop with numerous payment options. Call and get your individual offer for your homepage web design.

Free initial consultation

Do you have questions about the products and services? Simply call and arrange a free consultation. We can discuss your implementation questions in person or remotely via video conference. In the process, we work out your personal requirements and you receive a catalogue of measures.

At the end, you will receive an introduction to the content management system and will immediately be able to easily manage your website yourself. During the first 60 days you will receive free support for all questions regarding your new website.

The costs for a well-developed information website start at around 1,000 euros. However, depending on the effort involved, websites can cost 7,000 or 20,000 euros. This depends primarily on the scope and time required for the web design.

They are characterized by having knowledge of JavaScript and related technologies in addition to HTML and CSS. A broad knowledge of web technologies helps to choose the ideal tool for the customer.

WordPress has an easy to understand interface and makes it possible to make changes quickly.
Approximately 38% of all websites on the Internet use WordPress. If you only look at websites that use WordPress for web design, the market share is even over 60%.

Well developed info – WordPress sites cost on average between 1,500 – 3,500 euros. WordPress is a CMS system. This means you can manage your website yourself and make changes easily. In addition, WordPress offers a variety of plug-ins that further increase the range of functions.

A clear structure, optimized for mobile devices and fast loading times are the most important technical requirements for a website. Besides the technical requirements, the content and an appealing design are of course crucial.