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How do I reach rank 1 on Google?

Rank 1 on Google is the dream of many companies, but this can only be achieved through effective search engine optimization. In case you do not know what search engine optimization is, we will explain everything you need to know in this text.

What is the best tool on Google?

The most sustainable tool for organic search results is search engine optimization or “SEO” for short. With the help of SEO, the ranking on Google can be influenced, which means that more people will find your website. All the big companies use it to be at the forefront of Google. So it’s certainly no wonder that it’s always the biggest companies with the most funds that are found high up on Google.

However, a skilled SEO professional can compete with even the biggest companies if they do it right. For this reason, SEO optimization is a matter for professionals who bring a lot of experience and expertise to the table. To operate SEO professionally and sustainably are among our principles.

Is Google advertising better than SEO?

One option that is often compared to search engine optimization is advertising on Google. Many people therefore ask themselves whether it would not make more sense to pay for the first place on Google instead of hiring someone to do SEO for the website. But this question is easy to answer.

Google advertising is less effective than search engine optimization because advertising on Google will always cost more money in the long run. As soon as you stop advertising your website will disappear again in the rankings and you will not have gained any long term advantage from your advertising on Google. However, SEO is a long-term measure that will surely anchor your place in Google rankings. Thus, if you look at the cost of optimizing your website over a long period of time, it will always be less than the cost of advertising because advertising will continuously cost money.

Do SEO effectively

For example, if you search for the term “SEO Salzburg”, you will be shown (very expensive) ads as well as organic search results. Only if Google ranks your website as relevant to the search intent for the term will you rank in the top ranks. SEO is the umbrella term for all these measures. In order to do SEO effectively and sustainably, some time is required. To improve Google ranking, a clear page structure and content that matches the search intent is necessary. If you have corresponding content with added value, your website will also appear in the search results. I would be happy to advise you with an SEO analysis and give you tips on how to improve your SEO measures.

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How does SEO work?

SEO is complicated because a lot of factors influence the ranking on Google. The first action is often to analyze the competition and do keyword research. Keywords are specific keywords that Google uses to rank the content of web pages. For example, Google knows from the keyword “workshop Salzburg” that the user is looking for a workshop in Salzburg. By cleverly incorporating this keyword into the text of your website, a professional can propel it far up the search results.

In addition to keywords, a professional can find many other optimization opportunities on your website. Thus, in addition to the on-page analysis, an off-page analysis can also be useful. In addition, it can speed up the loading speed of your website, allowing users to stay on your website longer. Google recognizes this as a positive signal that users like the content of your website and rewards you with a higher ranking. Due to such measures, even a small website can quickly become known on Google.

In addition, there are options for so-called local SEO, whereby local businesses shoot up the rankings for local searches. You can certainly imagine how much your business will be helped if, for example, your restaurant is the first result on Google for the keyword “Restaurant Salzburg”.

Therefore, you should look for an SEO professional to do this important task for you. Use our free SEO tool to find out which keywords you already rank for in Google.