The Internet is by far the most widely used service in the world today. Therefore, it is no wonder that almost all companies have an Internet presence. Google is the most popular search platform on the Internet, used by millions of people every day to find products or locations.

The first place of a Google search is therefore hotly contested. We want to show you the impact first place on Google can have on you and your business and how to achieve it.

What is SEO?

When a user starts a Google search, the person mostly uses keywords to find a product, a location or something similar. Through this keyword, Google knows which results to display to the user. SEO is the art of using these keywords to rank first in a Google search.

Through SEO, you can take advantage of Google’s algorithm, which scans all text and webpage on the internet for your content and matches you to Google searches based on keywords and other factors. The goal of SEO is to make your website favored by Google’s algorithm so that you rank first for as many relevant keywords as possible. Therefore, the name “Search Engine Optimization” is self-explanatory.

What does SEO bring me?

By landing on the first place on Google for relevant keywords, your reach on the internet will increase significantly. You will get significantly more visitors through Google searches looking at your website.

By your website getting more visitors who view your content, the Google algorithm recommends your website to more users. The new visitors to your website therefore function as a quality signal to Google that your website offers relevant and interesting content.

How does this improve the success of the company?

By getting more and more users to visit your website and thus solidifying your place in Google rankings, you will consistently get more and more orders or leads. This leads to the fact that you can generate much more revenue by investing in SEO than by placing ads on Google and other platforms. Saving costs will not only increase your revenue, but also your profit. Thus, your business success will be sustainably improved by SEO. In contrast, Google advertising would only improve your success in the short term, as the effect only lasts as long as people are paying for the advertising.

This is true not only for hyper-local businesses, but also for local businesses that thrive on walk-in customers. Especially for businesses like restaurants or hairdressers SEO can be a very important factor for success. For example, if your restaurant is the first result for searches like “Greek restaurant Berlin”, you will surely get more customers. Through so-called local SEO, it is possible for local businesses to establish themselves in Google searches to increase your business success tremendously.

Therefore, we recommend companies of all kinds to improve their internet presence with SEO in order to be able to generate more profit in the long term.

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